Jodi Lawrence doesn't have to work hard to create herself into a workman and engineer of what seems to be a natural and instinctual ability as a formidable, powerful performer who embraces her strength to portray her emotional, passionate, intense and extremely heart wrenching showmanship.

On stage is where she gives her audience her complete existence, leaving nothing unturned. Her vocal strength is admirable and at times destructive. Her dynamic is beautifully conducted with emotional ebb and flow.

       It’s almost too easy to describe her sound as beautiful, beautiful it most certainly is, but also emotionally resonant and often wonderfully unpredictable       – Birmingham Promoters

Jodi Lawrence not only has a talent for performing, songwriting and a refined original musicianship, she has a solid background and experience in production and sound engineering and commissioned work for companies and other musicians. Jodi has immersed herself in every corner of the music and performance industry with a high ability from  managing and promoting projects from original bands to cover acts, events management and as a session musician in vocals, guitar, bass and studio work. 

With an upcoming release of a three track debut solo EP later this year, it will be a great time for Jodi to reap the benefits of her hard work and dedication to herself as a solo artist. 



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